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Rewilding: meditations, practices, and skills for awakening in nature. At your core lies a wild, untamed soul. Combine elements from the yoga and Buddhist traditions with ancestral skills to create a unique guide for reconnecting with your primal energy and awaken your innate bond with the natural world. When we awaken our wild selves, we learn to listen to our bodies and often see our health improve and we can better manage our time, energy, and relationships and cultivate the confidence to act on our heart’s deepest callings. With nature-based meditations, mindfulness practices, yoga flows, and outdoor skills to help you develop a sense of calm, clarity, connection, and confidence in both your daily life and the great outdoors. 

Made in United States of America 

(** This book may contain a sharpie mark on the top or bottom, this is a common procedure to make sure it is not resold by another bookseller**.)