Meet the Owner and the Business!

First of all, THANK YOU for checking out my shop site! 

My name is Laura and I live in the smallest city in the United States, Vergennes, VT. I'm a one-woman show- though I do have a very supportive life-partner and two adorable cats; Weasley and Dalton. I grew up in a Connecticut suburb, graduated from college in Burlington, Vermont, then did some traveling, lived in Austin,TX, Portland, OR, Edgartown, Mass.. but my partner and I eventually came back to Vermont to put down roots- because it always felt like home.

In June of 2021, after the first bout of the pandemic and years and years of working in Sales, assisting others in fulfilling their dreams, I thought it was about time for me to follow my own. 

If you don't like Good Judy, from the products, the website, social media posts, shipping, customer service- it's all me. HOWEVER, if you love and adore it, as much as I do, I've introduced you to items and artisans you have never seen, and you've found a gift for you or someone else you are so excited about, then "You're welcome" (wink).

I'm a bit of a "serial shopper", my love language is "giving great gifts", and I am a HUGE supporter of giving back by supporting non-profits.

I know this will come as a shock, if you checked out my curated selection of product offerings, but I'm a huge liberal- and staunchly stand for the rights of Women, LGBTQAI+, BIPOC, animals, and the vulnerable in our community. All of the makers and vendors I buy from are like-minded, and are all small businesses and artisans- mostly women-owned, LGBTQAI+ and/or BIPOC. 

When I say "Items you can feel good about" it's really a triple- threat: You are supporting my small business, which buys and supports entirely from other small businesses and artisans, while 10% of the profit is given directly to amazing non-profits! Take THAT Amazon!

Currently, I do not have a brick and mortar business (that is the aspiring end-goal), but I do have this lovely website shop,!  You can also look for my Good Judy booth/table at a local New England pop-up or fair! Please tell your friends and follow Good Judy on IG @goodjudydotcom or one of the other listed social platforms. 

A huge and genuine, "Thank you" for shopping and supporting a small women-owned business and ALL the vast other small artists/artisans and non-profits that make up Good Judy!